new beginning

New Start by Craig Kerbrat

Oh, hey long-ignored blog. How's it going? 

Not so great? Feeling abandoned?

I'm sorry about that.

I am not entirely sure what happened, but somehow I became entirely discouraged and unmotivated to post anything here, and every time I thought about posting something, I just kind of... didn't. So this is my first attempt at rectifying that. It's not a super exciting post, just me talking. But it's something!

A while ago I started to think that I had nothing "interesting" to say here, and my blog just kind of devolved into me posting about my fitness failures. And it just made me feel kind of bad about myself. So I stopped posting. 

But I've just read a really great book by an awesome internet lady, Felicia Day. You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost). Here's some info about it. Go read it. It's cool. I laughed. I cried. While on an airplane surrounded by strangers. But most importantly, I was also inspired. 

I have creative ideas in my head that often get crushed down with "it's not good enough" thoughts, and reading Felicia's book has made me decide to try anyway. 

So I think for the time being, I'm going to chronicle my attempts to be creative here. And maybe post other nerdy stuff too. But I have this story idea I've been kicking around for a while, and I think it might finally be time to get to work on it properly. And then I can post my progress here. Remember that whole "being accountable" thing I use to talk about with my failed attempts at getting fit? Maybe it'll work better here.

In any case, this is a new starting point. So let's do this! 

Fitness Reset by Craig Kerbrat

This past week was another "bad week". But I decided around Tuesday when I was still feeling exhausted from the weekend that I was just going to relax for the rest of the week, and regroup for next week. So that's what I did. I didn't really do anything last week, but I'm still keeping a record. All about accountability.

April 12-18

  • Workouts: 0
  • Run Training: 0
  • 10000 Steps: 5
  • Top Steps: 14034
  • Starting Weight: 78.1 kg
  • Ending Weight: 78.2 kg
  • Change: +0.1 kg
  • Total Change: -0.2 kg

So I didn't work out, I didn't do any run training. I got my steps in during the week, but not on the weekend. I was really feeling worn out all week, so the couple times I tried to get up for the gym, I ended up going back to sleep for an extra hour. I felt like my body needed the rest, so I went with it.

but now it's time to hit the reset button. After about a three week break, it's time to get back to work. I'm going to make sure I'm up for the gym twice this week, and I'm going to push to make sure I get my steps in all seven days of the week. It's going to happen. I was just starting to see some progress so I don't want to lose that. 

Thats about all I've got to say. If you feel like leaving an encouraging comment, I could probably use it! Thanks for reading! 

A New Beginning by Craig Kerbrat

Welcome to my brand new website/blog! I have a lot of ideas on what I'm going to do with it, but I'm going to try not to get ahead of myself too much with crazy announcements or anything.

I will point you towards my old blog in the mean time for a little bit of background as to where I'm coming from and what I might do with this one. But hopefully I will do a better job of keeping up with this.

I'm excited to see what this new opportunity will bring. There have been a large number of changes in my life over the last while, and I'm taking the cue and rolling with it. Time to do the things I want to do and quit being lazy. Here's to new adventures and an exciting 2015!