Best Intentions by Craig Kerbrat

I started this year with a plan. Goals. Intentions. And I’ve been sorta good with some of them. But this blog. It’s the end of February and this is my third post.

I still don’t really know what I want to post on this blog. It’s been years now and I still don’t know. But I want to post something. So let’s just do a quick revisit of the goals I set for myself for the year.

Goal #1 Update: Blog More

Oops. This one... is not going so well so far. as I mentioned above, I just don’t know what to post here. I haven’t gone on any exciting adventures lately. I haven’t been inspired to do anything creative. So I don’t know what to post.

But I guess I could start posting about the small adventures. Movies. New restaurants. Stuff like that. It’s something to consider... 

Goal #2 Update: Be More Social

This one I actually have been a bit better at. I’ve been making an effort to get out more. I’ve been seeing my nerdy friends more often. Although the last few weeks have been fairly infrequent. 

I also started dating someone, and I’ve been meeting and hanging out with some of his friends. Meeting large groups of new people is really not easy for me. But I’m trying. 

Goal #3 Update: Take More Pictures

Do douchey gym selfies count? 

I’ve been trying to take lots of pictures, but I still struggle to find interesting things to post on Instagram. I could definitely make a better effort here. 

Goal #4 Update: More Adventures

This one is ongoing. I’ve got a few things planned. A few ideas for future adventures. And I’ve been trying to do more little adventures close to home as well. 

In April I’ll definitely have adventures to talk about. Maybe some things sooner. And hopefully more things later.

Goal #5 Update: Figure Out Life

Hahahahaha. Yeah. I don’t think I’m any closer to this one. I do feel a little less lost, and I feel like I’ve got some hopes for the future now. But I’m far from having anything figured out. 

I do know that I’m not ready to give up on Vancouver yet. That was something I had been contemplating. But I love my job. And I love my friends. And a lot of the bitter feelings of last year are beginning to fade away. So there won’t be any running away any time soon.

I’ll figure things out as I go. Or something. 

 (Random beach photo from Sunday inserted for no reason other than that it was a beautiful day.)

 (Random beach photo from Sunday inserted for no reason other than that it was a beautiful day.)

New Year, New Goals by Craig Kerbrat

Alright. It’s January 1st again. And I did not use this blog really at all. I keep telling myself that I’m going to figure out why I pay to have this up here, and then I keep letting it just sit unused instead.

But it’s a new year. And that means new goals. Last year was not really a great year for me. But this year is going to be different. This year is going to be better. I’m going to make things happen this year. 

So let’s make it official. Let’s write down some goals. Let’s do something constructive. Here we go! 

Goal #1: Blog More

So what do I mean by that? Blogging more than last year basically just means I need to blog something like six times in the year, and I’ve accomplished it. But I don’t mean just more than last year.  

I’d like to blog once a week. At least. I’m going to find something interesting to talk about, and throw it here. Maybe talk about a movie I’ve seen. Or a show I’m watching. A book I’m reading. Something in the news. Something. 

Goal #2: Be More Social

Last year sucked, and what would have made it less sucky is if I had reached out to my friends and family for support. But I forgot that I can do that.

So this year, I’m going to make an effort to talk to people, hang out with people, and remember that I’m not alone.

Goal #3: Take More Pictures

This is a goal I’ve had in the past, and I’ve been a bit better at it, but there can always be improvement. I’m going to do my best to document my life and adventures, and share the pictures. Instagram is a great thing, and I want to utilize it more.

Goal #4: More Adventures

To go with the above, I want to do more things that are worth taking pictures of. I want to go on adventures. I want to see things and places I’ve never seen before. I want to have more fun times with the people I care about. I want to have more to write about here, and post on Instagram, and to Tweet about. 

Goal #5: Figure Out Life

This one I’m not really sure on. It could mean so many different things. But since last year I felt so very lost, I really want this year to be focused on figuring out who I am and what I want to do with my life. I want to feel like I’m on a proper path to my future, whatever that’s going to be. 

I’m going to leave that vague, because right now I don’t know where I want to live, what I want to do with my life, who I want to do it with, or how I want to get there. So there are a lot of pieces to figure out. And that’s okay. I don’t have to figure it all out now. But it’ll be a journey to follow this year, and many years going forward.

So that’s my first blog post of 2018. We’ll see how well I can push towards my goals. Hopefully I’ll be keeping you updated here on a regular basis. Or something. 

Sunday Fitness Update by Craig Kerbrat

It's a new week, so that means it's time for my weekly fitness update! There's not a lot to say again, so let's get right to it.

August 2-8

  • Workouts: 0
  • Run Training: 0
  • 10000 Steps: 7
  • Steps Streak: 25
  • Top Steps: 14804
  • Starting Weight: 77.8 kg
  • Ending Weight: 77.1 kg
  • Change: -0.7 kg
  • Total Change: -1.3 kg

I'm going to start with the challenge I set for myself last week. I decided I was going to do 10 push-ups every day, and then look at increasing the goal each week. I sort of forgot about the challenge barely into the week... I did fine on Sunday and Monday, but totally forgot on Tuesday, so I did double on Wednesday to make up for it. But then I completely forgot for the rest of the week. So this week I'm going to try again with the 10. I'm setting myself a reminder in my phone to hopefully help make it happen. 

I have kept up both my steps streak, and my streak of no other exercise outside of that. I'm off work this week, I took a week of vacation time so I can relax and recharge. I'm thinking this might finally be the week I get back into the groove of things. If I want to go to the gym or go for a run, I can do it anytime. I don't have to get up ridiculously early, so it seems like a good week to get the feel for things again.

And that's my weekly update! Here's hoping I've got something more exciting to say next week! 

Sunday Fitness Update by Craig Kerbrat

Alrighty. These Sunday Fitness Updates have basically become updates on what I'm not doing to keep fit. I know I'll turn it around eventually, but so far, I'm keeping with the trend. 

July 26-August 1

  • Workouts: 0
  • Run Training: 0
  • 10000 Steps: 7
  • Steps Streak: 18
  • Top Steps: 20992
  • Starting Weight: 78.7 kg
  • Ending Weight: 77.8 kg
  • Change: -0.9 kg
  • Total Change: -0.6 kg

I didn't run, I didn't work out. It's been so hot and it just saps any motivation I might have. I need to figure out a way to get over it and stay active even when it's warm, but I haven't figured it out yet. I did keep up my steps, and my streak is almost at three weeks. That's something.

I've been thinking about ways to push myself to be active throughout the week. I was thinking about starting small with a push-up challenge. Doing ten push-ups a day for a week, and then slowly increasing it. It's an idea to challenge myself and get me back into the mindset of getting fit, even if it's just a small push to start with. I've started with today, and I'll continue through the week and see how it goes! 

And I think that's all I've got to say for this week. I started this post this morning and nearly 12 hours later I'm finally finishing it. Anyway, have a great week! 

Sunday Fitness Update by Craig Kerbrat

Welcome to my Sunday Fitness Update post where I talk about my successes and setbacks from the prior week. Here we go. 

June 21-27

  • Workouts: 1
  • Run Training: 0
  • 10000 Steps: 7
  • Steps Streak: 70
  • Top Steps: 14291
  • Starting Weight: 78.8 kg
  • Ending Weight: 78.4 kg
  • Change: -0.4 kg
  • Total Change: 0 kg

So, I had all these plans to turn things around this week, and I even got a good start with the gym on Monday, but after that my willpower and momentum just kind of fizzled... I missed my second workout and didn't go running at all. I keep telling myself that I'll go to bed earlier and make things easier on myself, but with these long hot summer days it's just not that easy. 

I did push myself to go for a walk last night to keep my steps streak going. I was at just under 7000 steps at 10pm last night, and I almost just went to bed. But I really wanted to keep this streak alive, so I went for a quick walk around the neighbourhood, got my steps, and now that's 10 weeks in a row with 10000 steps every day.

I want to say this week is going to go better than the last few, but with the forecast for the next week I really don't know if I'm going to want to be doing anything overly active. I'll try, 'cause the gym is usually cool, but it's more a matter of making myself get out of bed. 

Anyway, it's the last week before we take off to Comic-Con, so I will definitely try to make it count. I know that Comic-Con week will be easy for steps, but I'm probably not going to get in any running or working out. I'll be a little busy, I'm sure. I'm going to try to make this week a good one, and I'll see you next Sunday with my report.

Fitness Wobble by Craig Kerbrat

Hello! Welcome to Sunday! And it's the Sunday of a long weekend so we're only halfway! I'm taking this weekend to relax and recharge, but still trying to keep up with my fitness goals. Anyway, here's my update for last week!

May 10-16

  • Workouts: 1
  • 10000 Steps: 7
  • Steps Streak: 28
  • Top Steps: 13911
  • Starting Weight: 78.6 kg
  • Ending Weight: 78.4 kg
  • Change: -0.2 kg
  • Total Change: 0.0 kg

Soooo... I didn't get in my second workout of the week. I wasn't feeling great most of the week, so I ended up just sleeping in when I could and wrote off the second workout. I will make sure to get both in this week. I just needed a little break.

My steps have kept up, though. I'm at a 28-day streak for getting my 10000 steps in, and I'm hoping to keep that up. I didn't have as many over-and-above days this past week, but I made sure I hit my goal every day. I had to make sure I got one thing right this week. 

I'm also back down to my original weight when I started all of this. Not that I was ever above by much. It's always been within about a kilogram of where I started. The weather has gotten way better lately, which means I'm more likely to want to go out for a walk/hike/run, so here's hoping more cardio helps me make my weight goals happen. 

Anyway, that's all I've got to say. It's supposed to be a beautiful day, so I hope everyone has an awesome Sunday and a great long weekend!

Not a bad view today! 

Not a bad view today! 

Getting Fit by Craig Kerbrat

It's time, once again, for my weekly fitness update. It's been a relatively unimpressive week, fitness wise, but I have begun to notice some changes. Anyway, on with the update.

March 22-28

  • Workouts: 2
  • Run Training: 0
  • 10000 Steps: 5
  • Steps Streak: 5
  • Top Steps: 16125
  • Starting Weight: 77.5 kg
  • Ending Weight: 77.7 kg
  • Change: +0.2 kg
  • Total Change: -0.7 kg

I didn't keep up my step count last Sunday or yesterday, so I'll be starting fresh today to get a streak going again. I also haven't done anything as far as run training still. I know it's something I want to do, but I'm still just not feeling it. Running has always been something I love to do in the summer, but struggle with otherwise. I'll need to get over that at some point.

I kept up with my two weekly workouts, but the second one was a struggle for me. I woke up really tired and the energy just wasn't there. I pushed through, but didn't get as much done as I usually do. I'll need to make sure I get enough sleep before my next workout. 

I have noticed a slight amount of definition that wasn't there when I started all of this so that is encouraging in this journey to getting fit.  And that's about all I've got to say for this week!

Fitness Update by Craig Kerbrat

Alright. Another week has gone by, and it's time to come clean... 

January 11-17

  • Workouts: 1
  • 10000 Steps: 6
  • Top Steps: 14043
  • Starting Weight:  78.3 kg
  • Ending Weight: 77.9 kg
  • Change: -0.4 kg
  • Total Change: -0.5 kg

Once again, I only got one workout in. This week I really realized how awkward I am about going to the gym. I went to the gym in my building early on Thursday morning. I did a short warm-up on a stationary bike, and then moved into some abs and other stuff, but about half an hour in, another guy walked into the gym and I suddenly felt inadequate, so... I left. I did do a few chin-ups and pull-ups when I got back to my apartment, but it felt like a bit of a failure of a workout.

For the rest of the week I was feeling too worn out to try to work out again, so it ended up being just the one. I did do a better job of getting my 10000 steps in. I missed last Sunday, but the rest of the week I managed to get them in, mostly because of a joint effort with my friend Andrea (The Everyday Optimist) to go for walks on our lunch break at work.

So, my plan for this week is to get in a workout early in the week, either Monday or Tuesday, and then a second on Thursday or Friday. I'm looking at different workouts to try so that I feel more confident in what I'm doing, and then I won't chicken out when other people show up in the gym.

I'm also thinking that it's about time for me to make another go at teaching myself to run, but that is more on the back burner for now. I know I need to find a good balance of cardio and strength training, but I really just need to get into the habit of getting up and doing it. 

Anyway, that's it for this week.