Marvel Collector Corps: Secret Wars by Craig Kerbrat

Friday last week was a magical day. For the third time this year, I got something exciting in the mail at work. My Marvel Collector Corps box.

August's theme was Secret Wars, taken from the big Marvel-wide comic event going on right now. It's been a very big thing taking over every monthly book being published, and it's pretty darn exciting, so when they announced that the theme of the August box would be Secret Wars, I was immediately on board. And when I finally got the box, I literally couldn't wait to open it.

The first thing to see when I opened it up, as usual, was an exclusive pin and badge. This time we get the "superior" version of Iron Man, and Sam Wilson/Captain America. I initially thought the pin was War Machine 'cause Iron Man is no longer using the white suit. And I don't really like the picture they used of Captain America for the badge. He looks so angry, it's weird and off-putting. They really could have chosen a better picture. Anyway.

The next thing was the t-shirt. I kind of love it. The Pop! versions of these characters are all kind of adorable. They remind me of the baby Avengers in Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX, where Skottie Young is pitting the A-Babies versus the X-Babies. In any case, it's very cute and I'll definitely wear it.

After that was this month's exclusive variant comic, fittingly a variant of Secret Wars #1, and keeping the Thor theme of the box art and the t-shirt. It's a pretty cool cover. The more I can get of Jane Foster as Thor, the better. And I got more. 


The last thing in the box was not one, but TWO Funko Pop! figures.  I feel like they're spoiling us! And especially me, because these are two of my favourite characters in comics right now. I'm loving this new version of Thor, and I can't wait to see what else is coming from Jason Aaron when the Mighty Thor relaunches this fall. And Miles Morales has been a character I've loved since his introduction back in 2011. Brian Michael Bendis has done a great job since introducing him, and I'm actually a bit amazed that Miles has been around for four years already.


All in all, I'm very satisfied, and pretty excited about the Secret Wars box. My only criticism is a very small one, and it's just that the name doesn't actually fit with the contents of the box all that well. The only thing Secret Wars is the variant comic, everything else came before the event, or spins out after. Jane Foster became Thor, Sam Wilson became Captain Amaerica, and Iron Man went bad with the white armour all well before Secret Wars. And Miles Morales ends up in the regular Marvel universe as a result of Secret Wars. But I guess Avengers NOW! and All-New All-Different Marvel don't necessarily fit on the box as well.

But like I said, it's just a minor thing that in no way diminishes my love for this month's box. I'm very happy I signed up for Collector Corps, and will continue to shovel my money over to Marvel and Funko. If you're interested in signing up, head on over the the Collector Corps website and give it a shot. And in case you missed it, you can see my reviews of the first two boxes here and here. the next box hasn't had a theme reveal yet, so we'll just have to wait and see, but I'll post my review of October's box as soon as I get my hands on it!

Marvel Collector Corps - Ant-Man by Craig Kerbrat

Friday at work, I had a random visit from Andrea at my desk. It's not uncommon for her to show up and chat, she does work right upstairs, but this time was different. She was particularly excited. And then she lifted up a couple of matching boxes and I knew why.


Our Marvel Collector Corps - Ant-Man boxes arrived! We very excitedly opened them up immediately at my desk, so there was no chance to do an unboxing video. Upon first opening it up, we were treated to some Ant-Man comic art and a pin and badge like last time.


After pulling everything out, I had to quickly stuff it all back in the box so I could help a customer out, but below is a picture of everything that was inside. There were two Marvel Mystery Minis (an Ant-Man and a Yellow Jacket), an Ant-Man t-shirt featuring an "actual size" Ant-Man, and Ant-Man #5 featuring an exclusive variant cover.


I haven't been reading Ant-Man, but I'll give this issue a read just to see what the fuss is all about. I've heard good things about it. But back to the box the last thing inside was this:


A Funko Pop! Unmasked Ant-Man, with a tiny little Ant-Man bobble-head. This is definitely my favourite part of the box, and it's what makes it totally worth it. The detail on these two figures is great, and I'm happy to add them to my Pop! collection. I'm not really a big fan of Ant-Man in the comics, but I'm really looking forward to the movie, and this box was full of win. 

I'm really curious what the next theme is going to be. There are no more major Marvel movies coming until next year, and that's been the focus so far. They could go with something comics-related. Secret Wars will be half over, but they'll have all of the All-New All-Different Marvel titles announced by then. They could also do something Marvel TV-related. Agents of SHIELD starts a month later so maybe they'll feature that.

Whatever they decide to do, I'm sure it will be great. I'm definitely not regretting my decision to sign up for Collector Corps.

Marvel Collector Corps - Avengers: Age of Ultron by Craig Kerbrat

It's time for something different here at I've been focused mainly on my fitness updates since this started, but my main goal for this blog is to be an outlet for my nerdy side. And this post is definitely that. 

Over the last year or so I've signed up for a few different nerdy subscription boxes. The first one I tried was Nerd Block, which was pretty awesome. At first. I signed up right when they had a Funko Pop! figure in one of their blocks, so it was right up my alley. But after a few, I felt like it really lost its way, so I cancelled it. While I was collecting that one, I also signed up for Loot Crate, which has had a much higher success rate for me, and I had pretty much decided it was the box for me.

But then... Marvel and Funko announced a new service. The Marvel Collector Corps subscription box. And I was sold immediately. Pretty much the only reason I signed up for either of the other boxes was to fuel my obsession with Marvel and Funko (mainly the Pop!s), so I immediately cancelled Loot Crate and signed up for Collector Corps. 

And today, after months of waiting, the first box arrived!


Just in time for the movie, the very first box features Avengers: Age of Ultron. I thought about doing an unboxing video, buuuut that seemed difficult, so I just took a few photos as I went instead. Maybe I'll do a video next time... But for now, here's a few photos of what I found inside! 


Right off the bat I was excited by the comic-print inside of the box. 


And I found an Ultron patch and an old-school Captain America pin, both of which are pretty sweet. 


And then I found the good stuff! 


Not gonna lie, this shirt is awesome. Definitely one I would wear, and it's made of a comfortable material. I noticed with other boxes that the material doesn't feel good so I don't wear the shirts. Not a problem here. 


And the rest of the goods! Everything is exclusive. The Guardians Team-Up #1 is an exclusive variant cover. It's an exclusive Dorbz figure. And of course, the exclusive Hulkbuster Pop! figure. 


One more shot of the goods, this time with the unboxed Ultron Dorbs figure. It's both creepy, and adorable! Yay!


And I needed a close-up of the Hulkbuster. This is the real selling point on this box. I think I would have signed up regardless, but the advertising for this guy definitely didn't hurt. I'm still struggling with the idea of unboxing my Pop!s, and while I'd love to take this one out, I think I'm going to keep it in its box for now. 

So there we have it! While there wasn't a lot in the box, the fact that they had the Hulkbuster in there definitely sells it for me, and everything was exclusive and relevant to my interest. I'm definitely happy about my purchase, and looking forward to the next box! Sadly, it's bimonthly, rather than monthly like the other boxes I've signed up for in the past, but it makes it a little easier on the wallet. And considering I signed up for the Founders program and had to pay a year's worth of boxes at once, I'm alright with that! 

Avengers: Age of Ultron is done, bring on Ant-Man