New Year, New Goals by Craig Kerbrat

Alright. It’s January 1st again. And I did not use this blog really at all. I keep telling myself that I’m going to figure out why I pay to have this up here, and then I keep letting it just sit unused instead.

But it’s a new year. And that means new goals. Last year was not really a great year for me. But this year is going to be different. This year is going to be better. I’m going to make things happen this year. 

So let’s make it official. Let’s write down some goals. Let’s do something constructive. Here we go! 

Goal #1: Blog More

So what do I mean by that? Blogging more than last year basically just means I need to blog something like six times in the year, and I’ve accomplished it. But I don’t mean just more than last year.  

I’d like to blog once a week. At least. I’m going to find something interesting to talk about, and throw it here. Maybe talk about a movie I’ve seen. Or a show I’m watching. A book I’m reading. Something in the news. Something. 

Goal #2: Be More Social

Last year sucked, and what would have made it less sucky is if I had reached out to my friends and family for support. But I forgot that I can do that.

So this year, I’m going to make an effort to talk to people, hang out with people, and remember that I’m not alone.

Goal #3: Take More Pictures

This is a goal I’ve had in the past, and I’ve been a bit better at it, but there can always be improvement. I’m going to do my best to document my life and adventures, and share the pictures. Instagram is a great thing, and I want to utilize it more.

Goal #4: More Adventures

To go with the above, I want to do more things that are worth taking pictures of. I want to go on adventures. I want to see things and places I’ve never seen before. I want to have more fun times with the people I care about. I want to have more to write about here, and post on Instagram, and to Tweet about. 

Goal #5: Figure Out Life

This one I’m not really sure on. It could mean so many different things. But since last year I felt so very lost, I really want this year to be focused on figuring out who I am and what I want to do with my life. I want to feel like I’m on a proper path to my future, whatever that’s going to be. 

I’m going to leave that vague, because right now I don’t know where I want to live, what I want to do with my life, who I want to do it with, or how I want to get there. So there are a lot of pieces to figure out. And that’s okay. I don’t have to figure it all out now. But it’ll be a journey to follow this year, and many years going forward.

So that’s my first blog post of 2018. We’ll see how well I can push towards my goals. Hopefully I’ll be keeping you updated here on a regular basis. Or something. 

New Start by Craig Kerbrat

Oh, hey long-ignored blog. How's it going? 

Not so great? Feeling abandoned?

I'm sorry about that.

I am not entirely sure what happened, but somehow I became entirely discouraged and unmotivated to post anything here, and every time I thought about posting something, I just kind of... didn't. So this is my first attempt at rectifying that. It's not a super exciting post, just me talking. But it's something!

A while ago I started to think that I had nothing "interesting" to say here, and my blog just kind of devolved into me posting about my fitness failures. And it just made me feel kind of bad about myself. So I stopped posting. 

But I've just read a really great book by an awesome internet lady, Felicia Day. You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost). Here's some info about it. Go read it. It's cool. I laughed. I cried. While on an airplane surrounded by strangers. But most importantly, I was also inspired. 

I have creative ideas in my head that often get crushed down with "it's not good enough" thoughts, and reading Felicia's book has made me decide to try anyway. 

So I think for the time being, I'm going to chronicle my attempts to be creative here. And maybe post other nerdy stuff too. But I have this story idea I've been kicking around for a while, and I think it might finally be time to get to work on it properly. And then I can post my progress here. Remember that whole "being accountable" thing I use to talk about with my failed attempts at getting fit? Maybe it'll work better here.

In any case, this is a new starting point. So let's do this! 

Sunday Fitness Update by Craig Kerbrat

I started this post yesterday, but decided I wasn't really in the mood, so I saved it and left it for later. Today I'm still not feeling it, but that's not what this is about, so I'm just going to have to suck it up and do it. So here it is.

August 23-29

  • Workouts: 0
  • Run Training: 0
  • 10000 Steps: 7
  • Steps Streak: 46
  • Top Steps: 19126
  • Starting Weight: 78.1 kg
  • Ending Weight: 77.8 kg
  • Change: -0.3 kg
  • Total Change: -0.6 kg

Another week, another disappointing update. I really don't feel like talking about it, so I'm just not going to. I swear I'll get my groove back. Just not today.

I'm going to try to post some other things this week that I've been dragging my feet on, so hopefully that will make up for this sad little post. Anyway, it's late on Monday night and I need to get to bed. G'night! 

Fitness Slump by Craig Kerbrat

Hello! It's time for my weekly fitness check-in! So without any further ado, let's get started.

May 24-30

  • Workouts: 1
  • 10000 Steps: 7
  • Steps Streak: 42
  • Top Steps: 18336
  • Starting Weight: 78.3 kg
  • Ending Weight: 78.9 kg
  • Change: +0.6 kg
  • Total Change: +0.5 kg

So, as the title suggests, I'm in a bit of a slump. Once again I only got in one workout for the week. I tried to get up for the gym a second time later and the week and was just too tired. I know that I need to start getting to bed earlier on night I'm going to get up for the gym, but there's always some reason to stay up late. I need to fix that.

I've been doing really will with getting my steps it. This week wasn't a struggle at all, and most days I beat my goal by a lot. And while this is great, I do know that I need to step it up. Not necessarily with the number of steps, but with the effort put into them. If all my steps are just from leisurely walks, then I'm not really getting the exercise I need. I need to make sure I get the heart pumping with my daily activities.

I think I need to stop putting it off and start my run training again. I keep thinking to myself that it's not a good time 'cause my allergies have been so bad lately, but in actuality they are worse when I'm sitting around doing nothing than when I'm out and about and moving. So I am going to make my first attempt in a while at running later this afternoon. And then I'll just need to keep up the momentum.

And I think that's about all I've got to say on the matter for this week. It's a beautiful weekend and it's time to get back out there and enjoying it! 

A picture of Stanley Park from my Adventures with Rob yesterday. Perfectly captures the beautiful weather of this weekend. 

A picture of Stanley Park from my Adventures with Rob yesterday. Perfectly captures the beautiful weather of this weekend. 

Fitness vs. Laziness by Craig Kerbrat

It's fitness update time! My weekly blog post about my fitness triumphs and follies to keep me accountable. It was an okay week this week, so let's get started!

May 17-23

  • Workouts: 1
  • 10000 Steps: 7
  • Steps Streak: 35
  • Top Steps: 18243
  • Starting Weight: 78.4 kg
  • Ending Weight: 78.3 kg
  • Change: -0.1 kg
  • Total Change: -0.1 kg

So, I didn't get my second workout again. I really need to fix that. With the long weekend last weekend I was lazy on Monday so I did my workout on Tuesday instead. And then when it came to Friday when I should have done my second workout, I just really didn't want to, sooo I didn't. Laziness won.

Aaaand I just picked this up after forgetting about it for twelve hours. I'm sure I had an idea of where I was going to go next with this, but I have absolutely no idea now. Huh... 

i was probably going to mention that I did keep my steps streak going and I'm now at 35 days in a row getting the minimum 10000 steps. Some days are more difficult than others and involve going for a walk after dinner. Other days I nearly double my goal. So it's pretty random. 

i think I'm going to leave it here. I'm all annoyed 'cause I forgot to put my laundry in the dryer and the strata bylaws say I can't run the dryer after 10pm, sooo I'll have to redo my laundry tomorrow. Going to bed annoyed is never a good idea so I'm hoping venting right now will help me get over it so I can sleep and get up early for the gym tomorrow. Here's hoping! 

Okay, I'll add that it was a pretty great Sunday prior to the laundry incident. I got to have brunch with Rob and our friends this morning, and I went to VanCAF with Andrea this afternoon where I got to meet my favourite webcomic creator, Jeph Jacques, again. So it's been a good day and there's no reason to be in a bad mood. Bright sides.

Recovery by Craig Kerbrat

Happy Sunday! It's been a bit of a week, both recovering from my cold, and then being down two people at work. But I seem to have kicked the cold, and we made it through the week at work, so all in all I feel like it was a successful week. Fitness wise it was also pretty successful.

March 15-21

  • Workouts: 2
  • Run Training: 0
  • 10000 Steps: 6
  • Steps Streak: 6
  • Top Steps: 17729
  • Starting Weight: 78.1 kg
  • Ending Weight: 77.5 kg
  • Change: -0.6 kg
  • Total Change: -0.9 kg

So Sunday I didn't make my step goal (due to #ManCold2015) but the rest of the week I managed to pull it off. I got in my two weekly workouts as well, and increased the weights I've been using by a little bit. I still haven't started with run training though. With it being such a busy week and recovering from my cold, I just didn't have the time or energy to do anything extra.

This week, I'm probably just going to stick with the same again. I don't want to wear myself out too much and end up sick again, so sticking to the usual is probably my best bet. I noticed that I went down a bit in weight, and I'm not sure if that's because I was sick or because I was eating better or what, but it was nice to see that number go down some more. So we'll see if I can keep that trend as well.

Other than that, I think that's all I've got to say for now. I hope it's a good week!

Fitness Falter by Craig Kerbrat

It's Sunday again. Woo. I've been sick for the last couple days and it making me a bit miserable. If you feel like following my myriad of complaints, check out my Twitter page and #ManCold2015. Anyway, I should probably get on with my weekly fitness update, so check it out below.

March 8-14

  • Workouts: 2
  • Run Training: 0
  • 10000 Steps: 5
  • Steps Streak: 26 (broken)
  • Top Steps: 13983
  • Starting Weight: 79.0
  • Ending Weight: 78.1
  • Change: -0.9 kg
  • Total Change: -0.3 kg

So, I lost my steps streak at 26 days. Thursday night I went to bed feeling not so great, Friday morning I woke up with this cold, and I've barely left my bed or the couch since, except for a couple excursions to buy food and sicky supplies. So needless to say, I didn't get my steps in the last couple days of the week, breaking my streak. 

I also didn't do any run training. For some reason I thought that turning the clocks back an hour would make it lighter in the mornings, but in fact, it makes it darker. It only happens every year, I really should know how that works. But that means I still haven't restarted with Zombies, Run! I did get in both of my weekly workouts before my cold took me down though, so that's good. 

This week, I really don't know what I'm going to do. I'm hoping to defeat this cold sooner than later, but it's still kicking around. I should be able to get my steps back up there, and hopefully grab my two workouts, but I feel like I'm just going to keep the running thing on the back burner for another week. 

And that is really all I've got to say for this week's update. I'm still laying in bed 'cause I'm terrified that as soon as I get up, my nose is going to start running like a faucet again, and I hate that. But I guess I should start my day or something... 

I know what I've got isn't  this  bad, but it feels like a good representation anyway.

I know what I've got isn't this bad, but it feels like a good representation anyway.

Fitness Focus by Craig Kerbrat

Happy Sunday everyone! We've moved into March, and we've just lost an hour of sleep, but it's almost officially Spring, so I can't be too upset about it. Anyway, Sunday also means it's time for my weekly fitness update!

March 1-7

  • Workouts: 1 (+1 moving bonus)
  • Run Training: 1/2
  • 10000 Steps: 7
  • Steps Streak: 21
  • Top Steps: 13983
  • Starting Weight: 78.9 kg
  • Ending Weight: 79.0 kg
  • Change: +0.1 kg
  • Total Change: +0.6 kg

So I only got in one real workout this week. After helping Andrea move last week, I was feeling a bit on the sore side until the middle of the week, so my workout didn't happen until Wednesday. Which means I should have tried to work out on  Saturday, but I just wasn't feeling it, so I decided to go for a long walk instead. I added it under "run training" even though I didn't actually run. But getting out there is half the battle. Now that it's getting more Spring-like out, I'm finally going to make an effort to get out and start the Zombies, Run! 5k Training app again, so I should have more to put in the "run training" field.

I've managed to keep up the steps streak, and I'm sitting at 21 days. I'm pretty excited about this one 'cause I don't think I've kept a streak going this long before. And if I get going with the "run training", I should be able to keep the step count going, and maybe even increase my step goal. But I don't want to get too ahead of myself.

I'm still sitting at about the same weight, which means I really need to get more cardio in. Which again, the running should help with. Hopefully adding that to the mix will help me finally lose some of the weight I've been wanting to get rid of.

So basically, my goal for the week is to stick with my two regular workouts, and I'm going to start with the Zombies, Run! 5k Training. The first week is three workouts, mostly walking with a little bit of running to ease into it. We'll see how that goes. I'll have to figure out a schedule this week as I go and see how I'll implement it into my daily routine.

Anyway! That's all I've got, so I'll leave you with this picture of a shirtless Chris Pratt. Because why not?

The dream.

The dream.