Another Good Week / by Craig Kerbrat

Alright! It's Sunday morning, I'm getting ready to head out for brunch, so that means it's time for my weekly fitness check-in again! It was a good week for me, so let's get on with it. 

April 26-May 2

  • Workouts: 2
  • 10000 Steps: 7
  • Steps Streak: 14
  • Top Steps: 17671
  • Starting Weight: 78.7 kg
  • Ending Weight: 79.0 kg
  • Change: +0.3 kg
  • Total Change: +0.6 kg

So I got in my workouts as usual. The second workout of the week killed me a little more than usual 'cause I decided to throw in some squats and burpees. The squats were fine at the time, although my legs have been feeling it since. The burpees. Wow. I definitely thought I was gonna puke after doing a quick set of those. They probably also contributed to the leg pain. But it's all good! That's the first time in a while that I've been significantly sore after a workout, which means I hit new muscles! 

I also managed to keep my steps going, and have now hit a 14-day streak, which is kind of awesome. And I finished the week with a 17671 step day. I walked to the comic shop nearby yesterday for Free Comic Book Day, but I got there 20 minutes early so I just kept walking. By the time I got home just after noon I had already just about hit my 10000 step goal, and then it was a busy day afterwards so I zipped way past it. 

This week I'm going to try to repeat last week. Burpees and all. And it's finally getting light out when I get up early so it might be time to throw in some run training. I'm not promising anything though, 'cause the squats and burpees really kind of kill the legs and make it pretty much unthinkable to go for a run afterwards. But I'll get my legs in shape and then it won't be a problem! 

I've noticed I'm not really keeping up with my blog lately, apart from my fitness updates. I'm going to try to fix that. I just saw Avengers: Age of Ultron last night, so I'm going to need to talk about that. And Comic-Con is getting closer and closer and I'd really like to get out my thoughts and excitement on that. So hopefully more posts coming soon!

And that's all I've got! Have a great week!