Andrea Challenge: BSG Edition - Season Three / by Craig Kerbrat

It's time for the third update in the challenge I took up to watch Battlestar Galactica. Last night I watched the season three finale, and it was kind of epic. I'm looking forward to starting the next season, but first, I've gotta get this update done.

So much happened in this season. The previous season ended with things in a pretty bad place, and it definitely got worse before it got better. The Cylon occupation of New Caprica really didn't go well for the humans or the Cylons, and it was over pretty quickly, but it left a lot of scars that were still healing right through to the finale of season three.

I had a hard time with Apollo and Starbuck this season. Both seemed to be on very self-destructive paths, and I kind of hated them both. I did enjoy Athena and Helo's storylines, and them getting Hera back. Colonel Tigh was mostly annoying, but I feel like that's what he's supposed to be. The Chief and Cally are always good. And the flirting between Adama and President Roslin was a lot of fun, but nothing ever seems to happen!

The focus on the Cylons, and Baltar as their captive/ally was interesting. And the development of Caprica Six and her connections to Athena and Roslin at the end was interesting. D'Anna was mostly just odd, but I liked her exploration into the spirit world of the Cylons. But the trial of Baltar mostly just made me angry. Everyone really threw him under the bus, and it was kind of frustrating to watch. He's not a good guy, but he was definitely being punished for things he hadn't done. But he got off in the end, so that's good I guess.

Anyway, the season was up and down for me. Lots happened. But the finale. Oh man, the finale!  Some major stuff happened in the last bit. Four of the final five Cylons were revealed, and I did NOT see that coming. And then Kara Thrace shows up alive and well claiming to have been to Earth after her apparent demise a few episodes earlier. Man! This show knows how to do season finales! I'm just glad I don't have to wait months for the season premiere. I can just continue on where I left off.

And that's exactly what I'm going to do! Let's see how long it takes to power through the final season! 

Picture stolen from the Internet. 

Picture stolen from the Internet.