Fitness Reset / by Craig Kerbrat

This past week was another "bad week". But I decided around Tuesday when I was still feeling exhausted from the weekend that I was just going to relax for the rest of the week, and regroup for next week. So that's what I did. I didn't really do anything last week, but I'm still keeping a record. All about accountability.

April 12-18

  • Workouts: 0
  • Run Training: 0
  • 10000 Steps: 5
  • Top Steps: 14034
  • Starting Weight: 78.1 kg
  • Ending Weight: 78.2 kg
  • Change: +0.1 kg
  • Total Change: -0.2 kg

So I didn't work out, I didn't do any run training. I got my steps in during the week, but not on the weekend. I was really feeling worn out all week, so the couple times I tried to get up for the gym, I ended up going back to sleep for an extra hour. I felt like my body needed the rest, so I went with it.

but now it's time to hit the reset button. After about a three week break, it's time to get back to work. I'm going to make sure I'm up for the gym twice this week, and I'm going to push to make sure I get my steps in all seven days of the week. It's going to happen. I was just starting to see some progress so I don't want to lose that. 

Thats about all I've got to say. If you feel like leaving an encouraging comment, I could probably use it! Thanks for reading!