On A Roll / by Craig Kerbrat

Alrighty! Time to check in! It's pretty late in the day due to a fairly busy Sunday helping my good friend Andrea move into her new place. There were a bunch of nerds there to help, so it went pretty quick, but I might also count it as an extra workout for this week... Maybe... We'll see. Anyway! Let's get to the point! 

February 22-28

  • Workouts: 2
  • 10000 Steps: 7
  • Steps Streak: 14
  • Top Steps: 13086
  • Starting Weight: 79.0 kg
  • Ending Weight: 78.9 kg
  • Change: -0.1 kg
  • Total Change: +0.5 kg

It was a pretty average week overall. I kept up with my two weekly workouts. Haven't started up with the running yet, but it's on my radar. Stuck to my usual mix of exercises with and without weights, and cardio with the stationary bike. Changed it up and used the elliptical for a bit the one day.

My favourite part of this week is that I kept up my steps streak! Got my 14 day streak notification yesterday so I'm pretty excited. I'm on a roll, and I want to keep that up. 

For this week, I'm just going to work on keeping things going. We're into a new month, and maybe that means I should be taking things up a notch, but I'm not really feeling like I'm ready to push myself any harder yet, so I'm just going to keep with what I'm doing. I don't really want to push myself too hard and then get discouraged if I fail. It's all about incremental improvements.

The other change that I really need to make, but is going to be really hard for me, is cutting down on sugar. I had done pretty well with cutting back over the years by cutting out pop and trying to avoid too many sweet snacks. But between the occasional Starbucks and my free coffee+hot chocolate every day at work, and my after-meals sweet tooth, I think it's getting a bit out of hand again. I'm really going to have to figure out a way to ease myself off of the sugar again, and that might help with my weight loss goals.

And with that, I don't have anything else to say! Enjoy your Sunday! 

I'm on a roll! 

I'm on a roll!