Andrea Challenge: BSG Edition - Season One / by Craig Kerbrat

So, this post is actually from a few weeks ago. January 19th, to be specific. I wrote it, and wasn't happy with it, so I abandoned it. But after a conversation with my boss, I've decided to post it. Anyway...

Last night I finished watching season 1 of Battlestar Galactica, so I figured now is a good time to make my first update on the challenge that my good friend Andrea set for me at the beginning of January.

Season 1 is only 13 episodes, and I had started the season a while ago, so I really only had half the season to watch, so it might be a while before the next update. Unless something really exciting happens and I have to blog about it... which could happen.

I'm not gonna lie, with the way people go on about this show, I expected more from this season. I found it a little bit underwhelming. It seemed like everything happened in the two-part season finale, so rather than wrapping anything up, it just put cliffhangers on all of the different story lines.

But I guess a lot of first seasons are a little bit less exciting than the rest of the show, so I'm not going to pass judgement yet. And that's not to say that I don't like the show. I do. I'm hooked. And it's not like I need to wait several months for the next season. It's right there on CraveTV with the rest of it, so I can continue where I left off when I get home tonight.

Basically I think I was just hoping to get some answers, and instead there were just more questions. But I consider Lost one of my favourite shows of all time, so I should really be used to getting no answers...


I will also just add that what keeps me watching is the characters. Even though I feel like I haven't really gotten to know them yet, I find them all really interesting. I think my favourites are actually the Cylons, which might be a bit odd. The different versions of Sharon and Number Six are interesting. I've got my eye on Kara, 'cause everyone seems to love Starbuck. And I'm watching Helo, but mostly just 'cause he's the resident hottie on the show. Yup, I'm shallow.

Anyway, that's my impression of the first season. I'm sure it will have to get better, otherwise I really don't get why everyone loves it so much. And like I said, I do like it, I'm just waiting for it to get into the "good stuff".