New Nintendo 3DS XL / by Craig Kerbrat

Nintendo posted this today!

I always love these Nintendo Direct videos. It's like a mini E3 every time! So many fun announcements that get me excited to be a Nintendo fan all over again.

Of particular note this time, I really enjoyed the Puzzle & Dragons Z: Super Mario Bros. Edition announcement. It looks like it'll be a fun game. Pokémon Shuffle also looks like it might be pretty fun, although I really haven't played much of the last Pokémon puzzle game that came out.  So maybe not. But this one is FREE! Well, freemium. I'm really getting tired of this business model...

I am also interested in the new Amiibo figures announced. They finally have a Charizard one on the way, which is my favourite character in the new Super Smash Bros. games for 3DS and Wii U. I'm still resisting buying any Amiibo figures, mostly because once I get one or two, I'll want them all, but also because I'm really not sold on their functionality yet. They don't seem all that well thought out so far. But they're collectible, so I want them anyway. 

The rest of the games announced were interesting but not terribly exciting. The real news was the announcement that the New Nintendo 3DS XL is coming to North America on February 13th, which I have been waiting for since it was announced last year in Japan and Australia. I've been wanting to upgrade my 3DS to the XL for a while, but then I put that on hold when they announced the New ones in Japan. It's not a huge step up, but the bigger screen, along with extra buttons, more powerful hardware, and fun new features makes me think it's finally time to upgrade.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm gonna go back to watching Battlestar Galactica. (Andrea Challenge: BSG Edition is under way!)